First Month of Unity Wasted on Doomed Impeachment

First Month of Unity Wasted on Doomed Impeachment

After spending their first month under the new Unity administration on the hyper-partisan impeachment trial of former President Trump, the trial ended exactly as everyone knew it would end, with the Senate again voting to acquit.

Meanwhile, millions of Americans are still waiting for the new administration to start actually doing their jobs and work on the badly needed relief for individuals and businesses suffering from government mandated shutdowns of businesses for the past year.

With the second failed impeachment trial behind us, will we now see the party of unity – led by the new Unity administration – finally get over Trump and move on to working for the American people?

After all, they all worked overtime (compared to their normal hours), even working on this Saturday to conclude the impeachment trial, surely so that they could begin working just as hard on actual legislation for the American people as soon as possible, right?

Not so much – in fact they’re all going home – and taking all of next week off.
Yes – according to the official Senate calendar, Feb 15 – Feb 19 is a non-legislative period (the senate will not be in session).

But don’t worry, surely they will be ready to hit the ground running with their unifying agenda when they go back to work after this 8 day vacation!

Give them a break… they worked today – on Saturday – so they need a week off. Obviously, spending the first month trying to stop Trump from running for office again was more important. Thanks for your understanding.