Only Banning “High End” Gas Stoves, For Now

Only Banning “High End” Gas Stoves, For Now

1. Jesse predicted it (2 min)

2. Watch the video (1 min)

Watch Biden’s Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm try to explain with her hands how the heavy grates on high end stoves are shaped like an oval so they “emit more natural gas” so they’re only going after those high end stoves, little people don’t need to worry.

“The gas stoves that would be impacted are HIGH END gas stoves for the… uh you know most expensive gas stoves… and the reason they were found to be inadequate is because in many cases they’ve very HEAVY GRATES… and the BURNERS can be in an OVAL shape… which causes uh excess amount of natural gas to be emitted relative to the POT that’s on there. So it’s just, it’s a wasteful use of natural gas.”

Again, The Secretary of the Department of Energy says gas stoves “emit” natural gas.


3. Here’s the actual proposed rule

The Department of Energy is conducting this gas stove grab through a rule that would impose extreme energy performance standards on residential cooktops. The department’s proposed rule sets requirements for gas cooktops at the maximum technologically feasible or “max-tech” level. Based on the Department of Energy’s own analysis, gas cooktops at the max-tech level represent just 4% of current market share and exclude all conventional free-stand ranges.

Any rule that causes 96% of the products available today to be eliminated from the market is an extreme regulation. In fact, it is essentially an outright ban on gas stoves.

Official rule:

4. This Department of Energy proposed rule is open to public comment!

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