Poll Shows Democrats’ Top Concern for Country: Trump Supporters

Poll Shows Democrats’ Top Concern for Country: Trump Supporters

This recent Echelon Insights poll shows that Republicans are worried about policy issues, while Democrats are worried about conservatives. If true, this is a problem that is far bigger than politics.

The question asked was:
“How concerned are you, if at all, that the following are a problem for the country?”
followed by a list of issues to rate their level of concern for each.
Obviously the question and list of issues were the same for everyone.

Democrats’ top 3 concerns:
  1. Trump Supporters
  2. White Nationalism
  3. Systemic Racism
Republicans’ top 3 concerns:
  1. Illegal immigration
  2. Lack of support for police
  3. High taxes

This shows that the primary source of division is NOT actual policy disagreements, but rather the personal demonization of others simply based upon political affiliation.

Ben describes this effect best. Watch:

Echelon Insights (Kristen Soltis Anderson, pollster)
(February Verified Voter Omnibus – February 12 – February 18, 2021):

Credit Ben Shapiro for noticing the significance of this poll data (https://youtu.be/zfOh4vg6rOU?t=97)