Putin’s Manifesto

Putin’s Manifesto

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With the military support of the world community, and geopolitical confrontation against the Russian Federation… that’s basically nothing but preparation for armed conflict against us – against Russia.

We also heard statements about Ukraine wanting to create their own nuclear weapon. And that’s not just idle threat. Ukraine really has technology and carriers to deliver such weapons – back from the soviet times – and they have xxx launchers also designed back in the soviet time, that has range of more than 100km and they can increase that, it’s only a matter of time.

They still have this technology from the soviet times, so getting tactical nuclear weapon will be much easier for Ukraine than for certain other states… I’m not going to list them… that are now researching this. Especially if they have technological support from abroad… and we can’t exclude this.

If Ukraine has a weapon of mass destruction, the situation in the world, and Europe, especially for us, Russia, will change drastically.
We cannot help but react to this real threat.

Especially since I would like to reiterate that the western backers – they can help Ukraine with getting this weapon, to create yet another threat for our country, because we can see how consistently they are pumping Ukraine with weapons.
The United States alone, starting from 2014, transferred billions of dollars including the arms, supply, training, personnel.
In recent months western weapons are sent to Ukraine, ceaselessly, in front of the eyes of the entire world.

The activities of the Ukrainian army is covered by the foreign consultants, and we are well aware of that.
Last year under the pretext of the war games, the military contingents of the NATO countries were deployed in Ukraine.

Ukrainian army units can be done exactly from them – NATO headquarters.

The west started to explore the territory of Ukraine as the future theatre of military action and the future battlefield and it is aimed against Russia.
Last year alone it had more than 20,000 troops and more than 1000 hardware units.

And they have already adopted to allow the foreign troops to enter the territory of Ukraine to participate in the war games, and first of all it means the NATO troops, and this year they plan no less than 10 drills like that.
And it serves as a cover – to increase the NATO contingent in Ukraine.
Especially since the network of airfields, … it can be used to deploy troops in shortest terms.
The airspace for Ukraine is open for reconnaissance and strategic planes of NATO…
And then drones that are used to monitor the territory of Russia.
And the naval operations center built by the Americans in Ochakiv allows NATO ships to use it as a port, and allows to use high-precision weapons against black sea navy and our entire infrastructure on the black sea coast.

Some time ago, the US wanted to build some infrastructure in Crimea, but the population of Crimea in Sevastopol, they said “prefer no,” and we will remember that.
But now, this center has already been built and deployed in Ochakiv, and I would like to remind you, in 18th century, Alexander Severus’ soldiers fought for this city, and it’s their bravery allowed it to add this city to Russia.
Back then, in the 18th century, the Black Sea coastlands that were fought from, were got from Turkey – from Ottoman empire was given…

Vladimir Putin, 2/21/2022