Biden Attends Post-Bedtime Press Conference by Blinken After Meeting with China’s Xi

Biden Attends Post-Bedtime Press Conference by Blinken After Meeting with China’s Xi

Antony Blinken (Secretary of State) is clearly in charge.

When the commie producers made Biden do an after bed-time press conference again, it went a bit better than the last time (in Hanoi) because they stopped it 25 minutes early (this was supposed to be a 45 minute press conference).

But when you stop old grumpy, he gets ornery, and looks at you defiantly, and at that moment, if you’re Antony Blinken, you realize your entire world is in the hands of this dimensia-riddled jackass that you’ve just pissed off by forcing him to do another press conference he didn’t want to do and then terminating it early because he didn’t follow your orders to a T. So grandpa acts out and yells, gives his crazy smile, a few answers he’s not supposed to, and then they’re finally able to wrangle him back into his pen.

His handlers allowed 5 questions total.

(#1) I’m told Dmitri of the new york times has the first question

(#2) “someone…” of bloomberg

Moving on to question #3:
“I’m embarrased, I can’t remember, I think It’s CBS, but i can’t remember who at CBS, i don’t know why…”

Once again Biden was being very clear that “they” gave him a list of who to call on beforehand, as well as the fact that he can’t do the job. He even holds up the note cards so that the press can see them multiple times.


“I think it was the Washington Post…”
“Yes.. no… moving backwards, forward…””

“I don’t want to get I don’t know what’s happened in the last 4 hours but uh…””

10 seconds later he looks over and says “I know, Mr. Secretary I’m gonna stop…” (but doesn’t stop). Note where he was looking – down to the left – which we’ll later see is Antony Blinken, Secretary of State.

But the most telling part was the end, and who decided that it was the end – notably that Joe wasn’t making that decision, as was made abundantly clear because of the fact that the pre-selected “reporter” from the list he was provided, to whom he was responding, was to Biden’s right.

Watch this. It’s clear that Blinken was making that decision.


Watch Blinken at the end, literally bracing himself and closing his eyes, and almost a full facepalm when Biden is asked about Xi being a dictator and he says “he is.”



Full press conference: