Biden Rewrites Declaration of Independence, Again

Biden Rewrites Declaration of Independence, Again

Obviously he didn’t take a sharpie to the original, but he doesn’t have to.
In today’s hyper-media-connected society, Biden is being allowed to rewrite our founding documents – at least in the minds of the young, impressionable, ignorant, and/or indoctrinated populace to which this strategy is directed.

He’s effectively changing history by simply lying about what our founding documents say, changing a little bit each speech.
He knows that he can make it up and sit back and enjoy the indoctrination, and simply let the billions of electronic device screens implant it in millions of minds, amplified by the fake news journos on CNN (and all of the other arms of the DNC) parroting it over and over – because they all support re-writing our founding documents.

If they were honest, the fake news journos would tell you they are in favor of re-writing all of our founding documents and that’s why they are letting these manipulations and misquotations “slide,” over and over.
You see, for now they know that most American’s disagree, so for now (as long as it’s not polling well) they’ll pretend it’s another “gaffe.”

Don’t think for a second that any of this is an accident. It’s not.

Yea “Don’t Jump!” was idiotic, but we expect idiocy from him by now.
What really pissed me off is when he misquoted the Declaration of Independence AGAIN – saying “all women and men are created equal.”
Obviously that was intentional, adding “women,” and putting it first – in attempt to score some more “woke” points.

Watch (1:00 in):

There is no need to pretend to change the Declaration of Independence, as every rational person knows that “men” in that context included all men and women.
The founding fathers would’ve never conceived that we’d pervert language for wokeness as we have 250 years later.

So why is he doing it?
One reason may be to discretely erase the viral “you know the thing!” video.
Or simply to give him another attempt to recite it (and promptly fail again).

Unfortunately for them, this is take #3 and he screwed it up again, so it got horrible reactions.
Therefore, your tech overlords (censors) have decided that they are suppressing the newest video as well.
That’s what “these results may be new or changing quickly” means.
We’ve had this video for hours, it’s been aired on a couple news stations many times over the past few hours, yet somehow YouTube, the largest video provider in the world, just can’t seem to process the videos fast enough… nobody can post the full video on youtube… weird, huh? I wonder why…

This is the fake news media in collaboration with the DNC at work.

Keep in mind they only have to suppress it for a few days in order to affect millions of minds. Then they’ll say “oops” and let people post it – and the damage will have been done.

After all, that’s how they got him elected the first time, and they’ll be damned if they are going to let people see the truth now.

Then, 10 months ago when Biden quoted the Declaration of Independence, he said “life, liberty, etc.,” (omitting the equally important “pursuit of happiness”) during a speech he gave at Joint Base Langley-Eustis in Hampton, Virginia, on 5/28/2021.
That was when he first added “women,” saying “men and women.”

Obviously that wasn’t woke enough, so now, 10 months later, it’s evolved to “women and men.”

None of this is a mistake.

Tell a lie often enough and people start to believe it.