Hunter Forced to Appear in Arkansas in Fight Over His Child’s Name and Support

Hunter Forced to Appear in Arkansas in Fight Over His Child’s Name and Support

I don’t understand why the Bidens haven’t paid this woman off to make this story go away. She only wants child support and health insurance.

And where are all the feminists? This isn’t some sort of conspiracy theory. It’s been a matter of public record since 2019.

Hunter knocked up a stripper, a baby girl was born

Hunter denied it was his, and fought her on child support.

Mother petitioned the court for paternity test

Hunter agreed to paternity test, apparently gambling that it wasn’t his kid

The court ordered DNA test proved Hunter is the father

Hunter agreed to pay child support, and settled with the mother, a few days before a court date he was summoned to appear for in the matter

So 4 year old girl, Joe Biden’s granddaughter, along with her broke single mother, are being left in the cold by her deadbeat dad (Hunter, Joe Biden’s son).

Hunter Biden hasn’t provided “specific discovery” as ordered by a judge in his Arkansas paternity case, according to a motion filed Friday in Independence County Circuit Court.

Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, is “playing games with this court,” Jennifer Lancaster wrote in the motion for contempt to compel discovery and to modify the scheduling order.

Lancaster represents Lunden Roberts, who has a 4-year-old daughter.

The child, initially referred to in the case as “Baby Doe,” was born in August 2018. A paternity suit followed in May 2019.

A DNA test showed, “with near scientific certainty,” that Hunter Biden is the girl’s father, Circuit Judge Holly Meyer declared in a January 2020 order. That month, the parties agreed on temporary child support until the issue was resolved.

In March 2020, Biden and Roberts reached an agreement to settle their paternity and child-support suit. His request to have his child support payments adjusted re-opened the case last year.

In December, Roberts’ attorneys filed a motion to change the child’s last name to Biden, saying “the Biden name is now synonymous with being well educated, successful, financially acute, and politically powerful.”

[DOCUMENT: Read the motion to find Biden in contempt ยป]

A four-page rebuttal by Biden’s attorney demanded “strict proof thereof that such request is in the best interest of the child.”

Discovery is the formal process of exchanging information between the parties about the witnesses and evidence they’ll present at trial, according to the American Bar Association.

Meyer has scheduled a bench trial for July 24-25 in Batesville.

A pre-trial hearing has been set for May 23 in Heber Springs.

According to Friday’s motion, Meyer entered a protective order so Biden “would fully answer discovery instead of constantly objecting and asserting the need for protection.”

In a Feb. 22 hearing, the judge “entered a protective order from the bench and ordered that the defendant provide specific discovery which he had previously failed to do,” according to Lancaster.

A written protective order was entered on March 27. Meyer ordered that “all information about or related to child support including affidavits of financial means is confidential information or confidential financial information and shall be sealed.”

“In those two months [since Feb. 22], the defendant has provided no additional discovery — not so much as one single item or word — and has failed to supplement his answers at the court’s directive,” wrote Lancaster. “There is no valid excuse or justification for the defendant’s failure to provide the required disclosures as the court has granted every single protective order the defendant has asked for since the inception of this case.”


Daddy Dearest: Hunter Forced to Appear in Arkansas in Fight Over His Child’s Name and Support