National Unity Against Biden’s Proposed Mandate for Rear Seat Belt Warning Chimes

National Unity Against Biden’s Proposed Mandate for Rear Seat Belt Warning Chimes

Just when you thought the Biden administration couldn’t possibly be more politically incompetent, Biden proposes a new government mandate for auto manufacturers to install warning lights and chimes for back seat passengers in all new passenger vehicles.

As Kaitlan Collins on CNN reports, according to the Biden administration,

“The NHTSA believes that this change would boost seat belt usage, and therefore would save more than 100 lives per year!

No it wouldn’t. It would more likely cause thousands of deaths each year as annoyed, distracted drivers try to move cargo around in the rear seat while driving in order to get the DING DING DING to shut up. And they know that. That’s a distraction. Remember, the communists are anti-human. Lives saved are irrelevant to them.

The real purpose of this mandate is to force auto manufacturers to install surveillance systems in personal vehicles, under the guise of safety – a clear 4th amendment violation.

1. Biden finally passes “common sense seat belt regulations”

2. One year later:

Dang, wouldn’t ya know, 1000 accidents have been caused by distracted drivers attempting to move back seat items to fool the weight sensors. Nobody said that would happen, jack!

Obviously we’ve got to force auto manufacturers to get with the times! It’s 2024, c’mon man, facial recognition! It’s for the public safety! Look, we’re talking about asking them to just be responsible – they had $100 Billion in revenue last year, what’s a little $10 billion here and there for the kids?

Privacy rights, they say? Property rights? That’s a bunch of malarkey! Those dangerous anti-surveillance extremists are driving around killing everyone they see!

And now several sources say that many legal experts agree that multiple studies have found that the rise in anti-surveillance extremism has disproportionately affected the black trans midget community. Not on my watch!
No black trans midget should have to live in fear of getting into a car accident just because some selfish anti-surveillance extremists driving down the road without common sense seat belt controls.
Worsening the devastation, Trump has refused to disavow black-trans-midget-haters.

What? You don’t want some 40 year old google “safety expert” in his mom’s basement watching your daughters undress in the back seat? You’re just a minor-attracted-person-a-phobe. Plus, there is no proof that anyone could possibly watch little Suzie changing into her pink bikini in the back seat last night at 6:30pm at Hwy3! That’s been debunked! This is the most secure facial recognition system in history!

The FBI and the entire intelligence community, and all of the experts agree, radical anti-surveillance extremists are the greatest threat to our democracy!