Weak and Afraid to Impose Sanctions

Weak and Afraid to Impose Sanctions

“Using every tool at our disposal to protect Americans from rising prices at the gas pump”

“I know this is hard, and that Americans are already hurting.
I will do everything in my power to limit the pain that American people are feeling at the gas pump.”

Joe Biden 2/24/2022

No. He wont. Biden canceled the Keystone XL pipeline during his first week in office, and all he’d have to do to allow us to be energy independent again is to sign a similar piece of paper.

Reporter: “Will [Putin] go beyond Ukraine?”

Biden: “Yes.”

Reporter: You recently said that the idea of personally sanctioning President Putin was on the table. Is that a step that you’re prepared to take and if not…

Biden: It’s not a bluff, it’s on the table.

Reporter: Sanctioning President putin?

Biden: Yes

Reporter: Why not sanction him today, sir?

And it was at that moment that you can hear the entire room erupt in uproar – because you’re not allowed to ask real questions anymore.

And Biden just ignored her and went to next question.

And CNN will act like that’s ok.

That is the problem.

The media complicity with the democrats is the root of all of our problems.