Biden Aims to Further Diminish US Strategic Petroleum Reserve Filled by Trump

Biden Aims to Further Diminish US Strategic Petroleum Reserve Filled by Trump

Remember when crude oil actually hit a NEGATIVE price in 2020, when demand was low due to coronavirus-related government restrictions (forcing you to not go to work)?

It was $-37 at one point [granted that only lasted for two and a half hours] and we could get a barrel AND $37 just for helping unload their trains, so that they didn’t have trains blocking the railways.
The price remained negative for about a week.
That’s when Trump bought 75 million barrels to refill the national Strategic Petroleum Reserve which was almost empty (it’s for wartime).

Then, just 3 months ago, Biden dipped into that emergency stockpile, taking 50 million barrels from our emergency reserves to release into the market, in order to artificially decrease prices at the pump.

As confirmed by the White House on November 23, 2021:

Note what that White House spin said:
“Releasing oil that will eventually return to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in the years ahead.”

Umm what?
So the oil is just going to get homesick and come back?
Or maybe he was just talking about the fact that when Trump is President again he’ll make sure to restock our reserves?

Now Biden is talking about doing it again… or his handlers are… whomever is pulling the strings.
Squandering the last of our emergency reserves in order to artificially lower the price at the pump.

Here you go.

Reuters. 4 days ago.

Do you think any other country is stupid enough to release oil from their reserves right now?
Answer: NO.
This will have seriously dark consequences should we ever need those oil reserves.
The Strategic Petroleum Reserve was created for actual national emergency purposes such as wartime needs.

President Unity’s plummeting poll numbers do NOT constitute a national emergency.

Sounds insane, right?
Every rational person sees this and wonders why would he even consider doing that right now, as we may be literally on the brink of WWIII?

2 reasons:

1) Politics. Poll numbers, and the reality that gas prices will continue to increase, Americans are hurting, and gas prices will fuel further economic inflation.

2) Don’t think for a second that this is some sort of bureaucratic oversight or some sort of mistake.
The communists who run this country (not Biden, but his puppeteers) hate America and they’ll do whatever they can to destroy it.

Finally, the worst part of all of this, once again, is that you should already know about all of this.
You would’ve already known about it if the fake news wasn’t wiping Biden’s ass.

The fake news media is the enemy of the people.